Welcome to Tivoli-Radios.com

Welcome to Tivoli-Radios.com, the unofficial home of Tivoli radios and audio products! Here is a list of Tivoli’s quality audio products that we have information on:

Table Radios
Tivoli Model One: the original table radio from Tivoli
Tivoli Model Two: a stereo version of the Tivoli table radio
Tivoli Model Three: a Tivoli table radio with an integrated alarm clock

Portable Radios and iPod Sound Systems
– iYiYi
SongBook: portable radio with built-in alarm clock
iSongBook: a portable radio with built-in alarm clock and iPod/iPhone dock

Hi-Fi Sound Systems
– Tivoli Music System
Tivoli RadioCombo

Specialized Sound Systems
– Tivoli NetWorks
– Tivoli Satellite Radio

Model CD: CD player for various Tivoli Audio models
– Model Subwoofer: external subwoofer for Model Two, Model Three, Model Satellite, or NetWorks
– Stereo Speaker: second speaker to add stereo ability for Model Three or Model Satellite
– Cases: for SongBook/iSongBook and PAL/iPAL

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