Tivoli SongBook Portable Radio with Alarm Clock

The Tivoli SongBook is one of Tivoli’s series of portable radios (the other one being the PAL series). This model offers a neat “retro” styling similar to many of Tivoli’s other products (in a variety of colors!), alarm clock functionality, and of course great quality sound! The SongBook can be run off of AA-size batteries, or plugged into the wall using the included wall adapter (which will also charge NiCad/NiMH batteries). It also includes an auxiliary input for you to play your iPod or any other audio device on the go!

Where to Buy:
eBay, where you can find a variety of new and used Tivoli SongBooks for good prices

Full Product Description: “Whether traveling for business or pleasure, in today’s world, having access to news and music is increasingly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. SongBook delivers the wealth of programming that FM and AM has to offer, in the Tivoli Audio trademark high-fidelity sound. Add that to the sensitive digital tuner, alarm clock, sleep timer, and built-in charger for NiMH/NiCAD batteries, and you have a first class portable clock radio. FM and AM work in Europe and North America. The unique rubberized coating helps to protect SongBook from Mother Nature’s elements and from everyday wear and tear. Includes a rear keyhole cut-out for easy wall mounting. And with multiple colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your style. Features include a digital alarm clock with wake to music or beep tone, sleep function, auto manual tuning with 5 station presets, and auxiliary input and stereo headphone output. Its on-demand blue backlit LCD makes for easy viewing in difficult lighting conditions. Enjoy superb AM and FM performance or the go, or add your ipod, MP3 player or portable CD for outstanding portable playback. Operates using included external power supply or six AA alkaline/NiMH/NiCAD batteries or 12V source (batteries and 12V adapter not included).”

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