Tivoli RadioCombo Component Stereo System

The Tivoli RadioCombo is one of Tivoli’s component stereo system options. It consists of a Model Two stereo radio system as well as a Model CD high-fidelity CD player. You have the option of listening to AM/FM radio, compact disc, or any iPod or external audio device with the stereo’s auxiliary jack. On top of that, you can even connect the optional Model Subwoofer for excellent bass quality. All of this ensures an excellent music listening experience!

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Full Product Description: Building upon the classic Model One radio, the RadioCombo system adds a second speaker enclosure and CD player, creating a high-fidelity audio system without peer. Accurate tonal balance and bass response come from a frequency-contouring circuit that balances output over the full audio spectrum.As with all Tivoli Audio products, the RadioCombo system is compatible with select players. Give yourself – or someone else deserving – the stereo that sounds even better than it looks.

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